Call for Papers No 32(6): ‘Human Enhancement as a Contemporary Challenge for Humanity’

The Editors of special issue of “Folia Philosophica. Ethica –Aesthetica – Practica” (Volume 32) on ‘Human Enhancement as a Contemporary Challenge for Humanity’ welcome submissions of the papers discussing philosophical, ethical, medical, psychological, political and juridical aspects of human augmentation.

Genetic engineering, pharmacology, bioengineering, robotics and nanotechnology give us a possibility to improve human functions beyond a «normal» range. Are there any limits of the human enhancement? The envisioned applications of HETs (human enhancement technologies) force us to rethink our self-understanding as human beings. What conclusions have to be drawn? Should we change our self-understanding radically or are there any borders that cannot or should not be crossed?

Philosophers, bioethicists, medical doctors, psychologists, scientistst, journalists, novelists and filmmakers are dealing with those questions. What are the most relevant questions? Whose position on the issues do you find the more convincing, and why? Jürgen Habermas’, Michel Sandels, Ronald Dworkins or Julian Savulescu’s, Peter Sloterdijk’s or maybe Nick Bostrom’s?  Which normative questions arise in the application practice of human enhancement technologies?

The Editors of this special issue of „Folia Philosophica. Ethica – Aesthetica – Practica“ are Professor Andrzej M. Kaniowski (Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy, University of Lodz) and Professor Florian Steger (Director of the Institute of the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine at the University of Ulm).

All submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submissions should be in English.
  • Papers should not exceed 8,500 words (including all notes and bibliography) and should be formatted in a standard font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Consult The Chicago Manual of Style on other matters of style and citation.
  • Authors should send TWO files: (1) Use file name ‚LASTNAME cover’ for a one-page document containing only (i) the title of the paper, (ii) author’s name, (iii) institutional affiliation and (iv) e-mail address, and (v) a 250-word abstract. (2) Use file name ‚LASTNAME CFP’ for the main submission; please include the title and abstract on the first page of the paper.
  • Papers should contain  nothing  that identifies either author(s) or institution(s), including any references in the endnotes or bibliography that would betray the identity of the author. Submissions not suitably anonymized will be returned or rejected. The journal follows a peer review policy.
  • Send papers as Word (.doc or .docx) attachments
  • Deadline: October 15, 2018