Call for Papers No 33 (7) Europe as an Idea and as a Viable Project founded on «Logos»

Europe as an Idea and as a Viable Project founded on «Logos»

The Editors of a special issue of “Folia Philosophica. Ethica –Aesthetica – Practica” (Volume 33) on “Europe as an Idea and as a Viable Project founded on «Logos»” welcome submissions of papers discussing philosophical, ethical, political and juridical aspects of conceiving Europe as an idea and as a project based on a commitment to Reason.

The term “Europe” carries a variety of content. We speak of Europe as a geographical space whose edges are often fluid and blurred (Norman Davis, Rémy Brague, Krzysztof Pomian). We also see Europe as a historically formed whole, as a dynamic constellation of events and occurrences that are significant and admirable or repugnant and shameful. Europe is understood (and should be understood) as a particular idea that is constantly changing, even though it is unlikely to develop into a comprehensive project of a specific form of life, economy and political communality. “Europeans” have often equipped the guiding idea of “Europe” with a completely deforming content and in the name of this idea committed heinous crimes (Tadeusz Kroński).

We would like to examine the hypothesis that the most important distinction of Europeanness and the foundation of Europe as a certain idea and a desirable project can be found in the notion of Logos, which in its variety of content and meanings (Michel Fattal) may also include potentially self-destructive content and meanings. The main subject of investigation will be the question of embedding modern thinking about the society, state, law (Jürgen Habermas) and system of Europe (Armin von Bogdandy) in the logocentric tradition.

All submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submissions should be in English or German.
  • Papers should not exceed 8,500 words(including all notes and bibliography) and should be formatted in a standard font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Consult The Chicago Manual of Style on other matters of style and citation.
  • Authors should send TWO files: (1) Use file name “LASTNAME cover” for a one-page document containing only (i) the title of the paper, (ii) author’s name, (iii) institutional affiliation and (iv) e-mail address, and (v) a 250-word abstract. (2) Use file name “LASTNAME CFP” for the main submission; please include the title and abstract on the first page of the paper.
  • Papers should contain nothing that identifies either author(s) or institution(s), including any references in the endnotes or bibliography that would betray the identity of the author. Submissions not suitably anonymized will be returned or rejected.
  • Send papers as Word (.doc or .docx) attachments to

Deadline: January 15, 2019