Nr 30 (4) 2017

N4 30 (4) 2017
Ideas, Forms, Sites in Public Space [in English], edited by Wioletta Kazimierska-Jerzyk, Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek (the whole number available soon)

Wioletta Kazimierska-Jerzyk, Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek, Preface

Antoni Remesar, Bibiana Crespo-Martin, The White Center. A First Step of The Civic Remembrance System in Bon Pastor (Barcelona)

Ewa Waryś, Architectural Objects and Public Spaces Connected with Industry. A Contribution to the Discussion on Artistic and Aesthetic Values

Birgit Mersmann, Performing the City’s Urban Imaginary –  The New Taipei City Museum of Art

Ewa Maria Romaniak, Cricoteka – Theatrical Dimension of Architecture

Bożena Kostuch, Among Prestigious  Edifices – On Ceramic Decorations and Mosaics in Poland Post-WWII

Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek, Dual Place of Street Art – The City vs the Internet

Łukasz Białkowski, Does the Artist Need to Be Present? The “Paradigm of Visibility” and Art Practices in Public Space

Bartosz Kamil Pokorski , Sleep in the City. Private Experience of Beauty and Its Urban Implications

Katarzyna Breska, Perception of Urban Habitat and the Structure of Human Interaction. Dialogues with the Artist as Part of Creative Intervention